The New functional brain imaging technology

for early, objective and precise diagnosis of functional brain disorders


NIBS neuroscience technologies first direct non-invasive functional brain imaging system. The system produces a high spatio-temporal resolution image of neuronal brain function and plasticity  enabling early and accurate diagnosis based on objective parameters.




One in four people in the world will be affected by a mental or neurological disorder at some point in life¹ and 35% of all disease burden is attributed to brain disorders. Modern medicine lacks the ability to cope with brain disorders. The main problem remains late and non-specific diagnosis leading to unsuccessful treatment. Establishing a technology for monitoring direct brain function provides the breakthrough required for an effective treatment of brain disorders. 


NIBS's system is based on the premise that better treatment outcomes are possible when the diagnosis of a brain disorder and the assessment of its treatment is based on direct and objective detection of changes in function of neuronal network . 

 Its revolutionary approach to functional brain imaging brought directly from the scientific research world into the clinic, promises leaps in the way we understand and treat our brain.